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25 May 2007 @ 06:43 am
I know it's been a while.....  
Well, life happens and it's been happening to me, so I've been busy and have not had a chance to update here. I kept thinking I would take pictures of my latest creations, but alas, I have not.... so I will tell you about them now and show you pictures later.

I recently got a big 7 ft. triloom and I finished a beautiful vivid blue shawl. I am working on another, a magenta one. They are both regular old lion brand yarn, "homespun", but they are the most beautiful shawls. They are so soft and they wash nicely, and come out even softer and the best thing is that they are inexpensive to make, since you only need 2 skeins for a shawl. I crocheted an edging around the blue one (it looks like waves, since the color of blue reminds me of the ocean). I think I will crochet around the magenta one too.

Lately, I've been quite "knotty"!(sorry, couldn't resist:-)) I took a micro-macrame class at the Beadwork conference last month. Joan Babcock was the teacher. You should check out her website. She does BEAUTIFUL work. I have been eyeing her work for some time, and when I saw she was teaching a class in Oakland, I had to sign up. Wow! It was a GREAT class. I came away with a finished bookmark and promptly came home and made a couple pairs of earrings. One pair, I gave to my mom for Mother's Day.

I've also been taking classes at the Acupressure Institute and just took an aromatherapy class. I love all the lovely scents and their healing properties are quite potent, especially if used with acupressure. I am mentioning it here on my creativity journal because we learned to make lotion, spritzers, roll-on oils etc.... I am so jazzed to make more and to practice using essential oils with acupressure. I have been using aromatherapy for years, but taking the class gave me a renewed interest.

In addition to all of this, I have been knitting and crocheting like a fiend! I have made several scarves with different lacy patterns in both knit and crochet. I have also been playing around with braiding a lot. I just got Jacqui Carey's new book and there are some great ideas in there. I have been moving beads around and I am coming up with a couple new patterns for you all to enjoy. I also have a couple of tidy commissioned jewelry projects to work on.

Will post pictures soon! (I hope!)