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20 November 2006 @ 01:19 pm
Christmas Rush!!!  
Christmas is coming and I'm getting a lot of jewelry orders and setting up some open houses. I've been busy creating lots of necklaces with some "found" jewelry components that I've been collecting over the summer. I have had several people give me their old jewelry recently and I've collected pieces from garage sales.

I love to make necklaces because they are such focal pieces (sitting right there on the decolletage). What beautiful "frames" for my work! I've just been making the simple single strand, strung on tigertail kind of thing.

I plan to make some kumihimo braids and string some special beads on them for necklaces. I have several beautiful glass and wood beads that will be lovely in such a simple setting. I also can't wait to try out some pretty silks I found a couple months ago!

I haven't done much with seed beads lately, but I did make a couple of special orders recently (that I forgot to photograph). One was a necklace and earring set. I wove a fancy, "netted" star and strung it on tigertail with complementary beads. The color was supposed to be black, but I couldn't resist adding some deep tealy, purpley AB beads. The other was for a special friend. It was a gorgeous peyote stitch bracelet (with 2 and 3 drop used together). The colors were such a surprise. I started with clear and earthy greens (colors that makes me think of healing and nature), but it ended up with some purple strands running through it. This was a highly symbolic bracelet, so I just let my muse guide me and I was very surprised at the wonderful results! This kind of creating is very healing for me.

I just feel like I'm running out of time. Sometimes as I sit at my desk and create at this time of year, it feel deliciously decadent. I actually get to create pretty things and people buy them! I love it!