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25 May 2006 @ 11:30 am
Now I've done it! Not another craft!  
I went and started doing some research on inkle looms and small loom weaving and found "split-ply weaving". It looks really cool, and there is no loom involved. It looks like it is a braiding technique, and there are lots of items made from this technique (baskets, jewelry, even rugs). I found Linda Hendrickson's site, http://www.weavershand.com/#P and I'm going to order the cord and a book on the basics. I didn't mean to find another craft. I was innocently looking for information on a craft that I already have all the supplies for;-)

I am going to the Diablo Weaver's guild meeting tomorrow, maybe someone there knows about split-ply. I was also planning on bringing my inkle loom, to find out how to make the heddles.